This product delivers on so many levels. First, my genetics makes me predisposed to lots of digestive issues. Using Slim+ has really helped balance my digestive system. But more importantly, I am pre-menopausal, which had started to make me miserable during that time of the month. But, Slim+ helps me sustain my energy and keep my emotions more in check. I have discovered that with consistent use, I am a better person to be around,

fitness/nutrition counselor and body awareness coach

Slim + has helped me in more ways then I can count... I can brag from the focus benefits to the amazing gut support. My favorite is probably the sense of wellness and energy I get.
I train clients privately and in groups of 12 on pilates reformers which takes tons of mental energy. Mots times I am doing 4 to 6 classes in a row so I need to stay on my toes. I know that Slim + has been very helpful in that capacity and for that alone I am grateful but the combination of my personalized vitamins, Slim + and my Vegan shake...I can continue to love what I do,
Helping others find joy in moving and getting paid good money for doing what I like..I practice what I teach, life is good. My whole family uses this product and I have many clients that are getting real results due to IDLife.


Absolutely love this product. Slim plus has decreased my sugar and carb cravings. It has tremendously decreased my appetite. Love this product.

Totally love it

I feel full of energy and in a happy mood when I drink Slim+
I highly recommend it..

What Slim+ Does For Me

Hunger, Energy and Cravings. This can either make or break your health and wellness. Slim+ addresses all 3 for me! After eating healthy and satisfying meals, I still encounter hunger, decreased energy and "sugar" cravings occasionally. When I take my Slim+, the Tyrosine boosts my mental energy and clarity, the Pre-Biotics help with hunger, and the Chromion Polyniconate helps with my sugar cravings. After a very short time, 10 minutes or so, I feel all energized and ready to go!

IDLife Associate`

I am so excited about Slim+. Years ago I had to undergo a Hysterectomy and it's been next to impossible for me to lose weight. Slim+ has given me the extra boost my body needed to bring me into weight loss reality. I can hardly weight for the time when I can say; Thanks to SLIM+, I'm down to the weight I want to be and I can stay her.


I consume Slim+ plus twice a day and it has really helped me in multiple ways. One amazing thing after another, I do a lot of writing and the focus I now have now has at least doubled my productivity. Cravings are a thing of the past my energy level is always constant and at high levels. Slim+ has aided me in my weight loss journey. Its not magic but it is close!

Executive directors

The product Slim is amazing. Personally I am addicted. I have 2 every day at 10 and 2pm. I add it to our daily vegan shakes. most importantly I saw the difference in my husband's attitude toward food. He doesn't snack any more on junk. He has no more cravings which led him to enjoy better food choices and 3 square meals a day. Im thrilled with slim plus. For myself it's the focus and gut health that I need.. I am an "on the go" girl and this helps me stay on task..I've always been a healthy eater being in the fitness and nutrition world over 30 years so I've seen a lot of crap out there and finally I have something that I trust....xo


I have been using Slim+ since June 2018. I break my fast with it EVERY DAY! I crave it every day.... watching the clock until I can consume it! BIg difference in my bowel movements. I love the taste. I love how it makes me feel. And I love that the first thing I'm putting in my gut is prebiotics that make my gut healthier.

Game Changer

Slim+ has been a total game changer for me with my health and weight loss goals. I’ve never had a product that totally destroys sugar cravings like this stuff does. It helps me stay on track with my diet, and the extra energy and mental clarity it gives makes it the absolute BEST! I love this stuff!

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